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TIPO Festival 2024 | The festival dedicated to industrial tourism of Prato 06 April to 14 April 2024 | Different locations within the city of Prato (IT)


Discover Prato’s industrial legacy at the second edition of TIPO Festival (acronym for Industrial Tourism Prato) from April 6th to April 14th, a full immersion experience for enthusiasts, families, and industry professionals alike. From factory performances to industrial tours, company visits, book presentations, exhibitions, textile art workshops, and professional conferences, attendees can delve into Prato’s industrial heritage. Explore active factories not usually open to the public or repurposed ones that now host citizens and tourists in unique and evocative spaces. Discover the history and modern practices of textile manufacturing, museums, and labor architectures.

The festival kicks off with a week of diverse activities, including children’s textile workshops and art exhibitions. Highlights include the opening of “Entropie Tessili,” a textile art exhibition, and the unveiling of the “Plastic W(e)ave” installation, symbolizing the energetic motion of textile weaving.

The institutional program features events like the AIPAI National Assembly and a conference showcasing industrial tourism best practices at the Prato Textile Museum one of the SMITour project partner. For more information, visit www.tipo.prato.itand follow the project on social media with #TipoPrato.