Our story

The SMITour project’s success is dependent on the collaboration of a consortium of 7 partners with expertise in various fields such as culture, policy making, research, and business support. This multidisciplinary partnership is crucial in researching and analyzing the potential of industrial tourism, studying advanced technologies for enhancing tourism experiences, and developing a common strategy for the growth of industrial tourism in Mediterranean productive districts. By leveraging the collective knowledge and resources of these partners, the project aims to achieve its overarching goal effectively. The SMITour consortium is partecipated by :

Municipality of Prato – Lead Partner | Prato (IT)

The City of Prato is renowned for its textile district, representing a significant portion of European textile production. Despite its industrial focus, the city is aiming to enhance its tourism sector through sustainable development initiatives and promoting its cultural heritage and innovative textile industry. The municipality’s commitment to sustainable practices and participation in EU projects demonstrates its dedication to fostering economic growth and environmental stewardship. By prioritizing Industrial Tourism in their strategic plans, Prato is poised to leverage opportunities from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to further develop their tourism sector and enhance the city’s appeal to visitors.

ISCTE | University Institute of Lisbon – Lisbon (PT) 

Iscte is a public university in Portugal known for its dynamic and innovative approach to producing and sharing knowledge with society. With a focus on Management and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Public Policy, ICT, and Architecture, Iscte collaborates with over 100 international entities and annually carries out numerous scientific projects. The university houses research units like the Business Research Unit (BRU-Iscte), which specializes in areas such as Management, Operations, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Data Analytics, and Human Resources. BRU is involved in various national and international research projects, with a strong emphasis on improving decision-making at managerial and policy levels. Additionally, the administrative staff at BRU provides valuable support for project management and research funding.

XATIC | The Industrial Tourism Network of Catalonia – Barcelona (ES) 

The Industrial Tourism Network of Catalonia (XATIC) is a comprehensive association that unites various industrial tourism sites across Catalonia, aiming to showcase the region’s rich industrial heritage and its impact on the territory and society. Through promotional activities, agreements with tourism bodies, and innovative programs like Indústria Viva and XATIC Club, the association seeks to attract visitors, stimulate economic activity, and foster cultural engagement within the industrial tourism sector. With a diverse array of resources and a focus on preserving and sharing Catalonia’s industrial legacy, XATIC plays a vital role in promoting industrial tourism in the region.

The Prato Textile Museum | Prato (IT) 

Prato Textile Museum is Italy’s largest centre for the study, conservation and exhibition of historic and contemporary textiles. Researches, exhibitions, educational activities, conferences and other cultural initiatives to enhance and communicate textile heritage are the main actions of the Prato Textile Museums mission. An important part of this mission focuses on all those activities that enhance European textile heritage as a source of inspiration for the contemporary industry of fashion, as an added value and quality of new brands and products. To reach this aim, the Museum participated to several European projects with an international partnership of textile and fashion museums, archives, design schools and universities and research centres. Prato Textile Museum is also an active centre for the promotion of the local industrial area, a district which comprises around 7000 companies and employs 30.000 people.

HCIA | Hellenic Clothing Industry Association – Athens (GR) 

The Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (HCIA) plays a crucial role in representing Greek clothing companies across various sub-sectors and engaging with international, European, and national authorities. With activities ranging from negotiating collective agreements to managing the Textile and Clothing Design Lab in Athens, HCIA is actively involved in advancing the interests of the Greek clothing industry and promoting innovation and collaboration among local designers and industries.

E-zavod | E-institute 

E-zavod is a Slovenian non-profit research and development institute with a strong focus on sustainable development. With extensive experience in rural development, open innovation, agriculture, education, energy efficiency, and renewable energy projects, as well as a team of 12 experts, they are well-equipped to successfully implement projects aimed at creating positive socio-economic impacts and promoting environmental sustainability. Their track record in various European initiatives showcases their commitment to fostering innovation and addressing key challenges in different sectors crucial for sustainable development.

EFRI | Faculty of Economics and Business Rijeka – Rijeka (HR)

EFRI is a well-established higher education institution with a strong focus on developing entrepreneurially oriented and socially responsible managers through its various educational programs at bachelor, master, MBA, and PhD levels. The institution prides itself on its core values of responsibility, excellence, connectivity, partnership, and sustainability, and is committed to being a recognized socially responsible and desirable partner in creating a sustainable society. With its extensive experience in managing and participating in EU-funded projects, EFRI acts as a lighthouse example for other mission-oriented faculties looking towards a responsible and sustainable future. Additionally, the institution is dedicated to supporting the professional and personal development of all gender types and has a track record of success in various international projects spanning different sectors and themes.